*Unique formula *Rust-Lime remover *Industrial use *Laxil never damages the place where it’s used




Laxil’s ARGE studies started in 2014, in 2,5 years it released as one of the most
assertive products in the market. Laxil undergo many tests and showed %99 success.
Persistent stains in every part of life will not be a problem anymore.

Laxil with its unique formula as soon as it touches the stain it shivers the stain and make it disappear from the ground it used on. Laxil will not damage the field the is been used.

In this sense Laxil both gain you time and power.

Laxil showed great success in every field.Industrial machines cleaning, ink the nightmare of textile industry, seat stains of car enthusiasts, hood fume and oil stains of food and collation industry, dirty toilets of offices, mother’s fear of grass and pomegranate stains, unknown stains in public places Laxil is enough for all and many more.

Whatever field you use Laxil, it will never harm the field in any means. Laxil’s enemy is just stains.